Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HONDA Motorcycle - Vintage Honda CB750

Engine: Four cylinder, single overhead cam
Bore and Stroke: 61x63 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
Transmission: 5 speed
Weight: 499 lbs
Top Speed: 123.24 mph
Displacement: 736cc

ntresting Vintage Honda CB750 Motorcycle Facts:

The Honda CB750 is a motorcycle built in several model series between 1969 and 2003.

Introduced in 1969 the Honda CB750 was produced by the Honda company in Japan and sold in the US and Europe. Honda was previously know for producing smaller motorcycles, whcih had great reliability and value, and sales were good with their famous nice people ad series.

* The CB750 and Rocket 3/Trident sold well against each other up until 1971, with the CB750 trading on price and reliability, while the Rocket 3/Trident traded on its racing ability.
* As the price of the Honda fell and the extras features increased, the Trident failed to develop as quickly - the Honda was eventually outselling the British bikes by five to one in 1976, the last year of production of the Triumph Trident.
* The Honda CB750 was the second true modern Superbike behind the Triumph Trident (aka BSA Rocket 3) and only by one month.
* The Honda CB750 was the first semi-modern four cylinder machine from a mainstream manufacturer and the first production bike to use a disc brake.
* Other novel features included, an electric starter and an overhead camshaft.

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