Thursday, October 2, 2008

Honda's First Dreams 1966 CA95

The Honda CA95 was the built on the same frame as the CB92, but was fitted with the larger 150cc engine and had sheet metal configured in what was to become identified as has the Honda Dream style. Of course, collectors of the very early, pre-export Hondas will recognize the Dream name from some of Hondas first machines, but to most of the world the Dream is synonymous with a dual seat, full valance fenders and an upright seating posture. The CA95 was a smooth riding quite and rather tame machine perfectly suited for trouble-free riding, dependability, and economy.

This Honda was purchased by Terry, has less than 500 miles on the clock and has a very interesting history.

This bike was one of 6 identical Honda 150’s that were purchased at a dealership in Birmingham Alabama in 1966. The 6 bikes were purchased by a group of Shriners who used them as part of a motorcycle drill team in parades and similar events. One can only imagine seeing 6 blue Hondas weaving in and out of a parade route piloted by Shriners wearing those cool hats with the tassels.

When we received the bike, it still had red, white and blue streamers hanging from the handlebars, and at least a dozen American flags attached along the center of the handlebars and at the top of the tail light bracket.

Yes, they did come from the factory with red seats. Every part on this bike is factory original (well perhaps not 100% since I seem to remember putting in a new rear inner tube sometime in the early 90s’).

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